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 Kirstie Smith, HDipCT (VTCT), MFHT, MAR


So often life gets in the way of our well being and we find ourselves feeling out of balance, whether mentally, emotionally or physically. The aim of Good Chi is to use complementary therapies  to improve any physical discomfort you may have in your life and help you to come back to the real, peaceful you. These include reflexology, aromatherapy massage and Swedish massage.

I provide a reliable mobile therapy service so you can 
receive an excellent quality treatment in your own home and relax afterwards in your own surroundings.

Treatment Overview


Essential Oils are specifically blended on the day depending on your consultation to provide an individually tailored massage. As well as physical ailments, your blend and massage will take into consideration how to energetically bring you into balance. Pressure points along the meridians are utilised to help restore your energy levels, inner peace and calm.


Reflexology is a specific massage of pressure points in the feet or hands. These pressure points correspond to parts of the body and can indicate where there are imbalances. The aim of reflexology is to use the massage to enable the body to realign itself and get back into balance. It is a treatment which helps to restore depleted energy, bring calmness, improves sleep and can help to alleviate physical symptoms.

Swedish massage

Swedish massage is a deeply relaxing treatment which uses a variety of different massage techniques with the aim of reducing muscle tension, joint stiffness, improving circulation, remove toxins and increasing the amount of oxygen in the blood. The different techniques are individually tailored to your requirements.

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